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Volume 14, Issue 7, July 2020

Volume 14, Issue 7

July 2020

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    • Efficient energy management strategy for hybrid electric vehicles/plug-in hybrid electric vehicles: review and recent advances under intelligent transportation system
    • Connected component analysis integrated edge based technique for automatic vehicular license plate recognition framework
      Advanced framework for microscopic and lane-level macroscopic traffic parameters estimation from UAV video
      Hybrid strategy for traffic light detection by combining classical and self-learning detectors
      Dynamic real-time high-capacity ride-sharing model with subsequent information
      Joint vehicle detection and distance prediction via monocular depth estimation
      Motion control of unmanned underwater vehicles via deep imitation reinforcement learning algorithm
      Understanding the distraction and behavioural adaptations of drivers when experiencing failures of digital side mirrors
      Influence of wireless communication transport latencies and dropped packages on vehicle stability with an offsite steering controller
      Vision-based vehicle behaviour analysis: a structured learning approach via convolutional neural networks
      Utilising bidirectional inequality constraints in optimal robust control for heterogeneous vehicular platoons

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