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Volume 14, Issue 5, May 2020

Volume 14, Issue 5

May 2020

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    • Distributed predictive cruise control based on reinforcement learning and validation on microscopic traffic simulation
      Real-time running detection system for UAV imagery based on optical flow and deep convolutional networks
      Location-based data delivery between vehicles and infrastructure
      Hierarchical reinforcement learning for self-driving decision-making without reliance on labelled driving data
      Long short-term memory and convolutional neural network for abnormal driving behaviour recognition
      Spatio-temporal expand-and-squeeze networks for crowd flow prediction in metropolis
      Traffic sign recognition by combining global and local features based on semi-supervised classification
      Driving policies of V2X autonomous vehicles based on reinforcement learning methods
      Depth estimation for advancing intelligent transport systems based on self-improving pyramid stereo network
      Gaussian learning-based fuzzy predictive cruise control for improving safety and economy of connected vehicles
      Adaptive neural network-based fault-tolerant trajectory-tracking control of unmanned surface vessels with input saturation and error constraints
      Three-dimensional trajectory tracking of an underactuated AUV based on fuzzy dynamic surface control
      Adaptive fuzzy optimal control for a class of active suspension systems with full-state constraints
      Model adaptive torque control and distribution with error reconstruction strategy for RWID EVs
      Pedestrian motion recognition via Conv-VLAD integrated spatial-temporal-relational network
      Gauss mixture hidden Markov model to characterise and model discretionary lane-change behaviours for autonomous vehicles
      Online estimation of inertial parameter for lightweight electric vehicle using dual unscented Kalman filter approach
      Iterative learning of an unknown road path through cooperative driving of vehicles
      Power charging management strategy for electric vehicles based on a Stackelberg game
      Finite-time trajectory tracking control for autonomous airships with uncertainties and external disturbances
      Finite-time spatial path following control for a robotic underactuated airship
      Sensor fault estimation of networked vehicle suspension system with deny-of-service attack
      Intelligent estimation for electric vehicle mass with unknown uncertainties based on particle filter

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