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Volume 14, Issue 14, 27 December 2020

Volume 14, Issue 14

27 December 2020

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    • Robust fault-tolerant H output feedback control of active suspension and dynamic vibration absorber with finite-frequency constraint
      Analysing the relationship between weather, built environment, and public transport ridership
      Vehicles robust scheduling of hazardous materials based on hybrid particle swarm optimisation and genetic algorithm
      Energy-efficient approach combining train speed profile and timetable optimisations for metro operations
      Short-term traffic congestion prediction with Conv–BiLSTM considering spatio-temporal features
      Hybrid model for predicting anomalous large passenger flow in urban metros
      Multi-step traffic speed prediction model with auxiliary features on urban road networks and its understanding
      Novel mathematical model to determine geo-referenced locations for C-ITS communications to generate dynamic vehicular gaps
      Powered-two-wheelers and smart cities: the case of variable message signs
      Adaptive traffic signal control system using composite reward architecture based deep reinforcement learning
      Sequence-based centrality measures in maritime transportation networks
      Deep learning enabled vehicle trajectory map-matching method with advanced spatial–temporal analysis
      Lane-changing decision method based Nash Q-learning with considering the interaction of surrounding vehicles
      Efficient deep learning based method for multi-lane speed forecasting: a case study in Beijing
      Predicting driver behaviour at intersections based on driver gaze and traffic light recognition
      Multi-model adaptive predictive control for path following of autonomous vehicles
      Multi-mode switching-based model predictive control approach for longitudinal autonomous driving with acceleration estimation
      Analysis on cruising process for on-street parking using an spectral clustering method
      Coordinated control of steer-by-wire and brake-by-wire for autonomous emergency braking on split-μ roads
      Dynamic motion planner with trajectory optimisation for automated highway lane-changing driving
      FRAC: a flexible resource allocation for vehicular cloud system
      Localisation algorithm for security access control in railway communications

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