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IET Intelligent Transport Systems

Volume 13, Issue 9, September 2019

Volume 13, Issue 9

September 2019

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    • Multi-receptive field graph convolutional neural networks for pedestrian detection
      DLMPCS-based improved yaw stability control strategy for DDEV
      Short-term FFBS demand prediction with multi-source data in a hybrid deep learning framework
      SVRGSA: a hybrid learning based model for short-term traffic flow forecasting
      Lateral control system for vehicle platoon considering vehicle dynamic characteristics
      Effects of ACC and CACC vehicles on traffic flow based on an improved variable time headway spacing strategy
      Short-term passenger flow forecast of urban rail transit based on GPR and KRR
      Reliable broadcast mechanism for emergency message in urban vehicular ad hoc networks
      MWNet: object detection network applicable for different weather conditions
      Fatigue driving detection model based on multi-feature fusion and semi-supervised active learning
      Fatigue driving recognition network: fatigue driving recognition via convolutional neural network and long short-term memory units
      Vision-based traffic accident detection using sparse spatio-temporal features and weighted extreme learning machine
      SVM-based hybrid approach for corridor-level travel-time estimation
      Video-based method for detecting potential risks among multiple electric bikes
      SAPSC: SignRecrypting authentication protocol using shareable clouds in VANET groups

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