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IET Intelligent Transport Systems

Volume 13, Issue 6, June 2019

Volume 13, Issue 6

June 2019

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    • Vision-based inter-vehicle distance estimation for driver alarm system
      Manoeuvre prediction and planning for automated and connected vehicles based on interaction and gaming awareness under uncertainty
      Particle filter-based vehicle tracking via HOG features after image stabilisation in intelligent drive system
      Mixed local motion planning and tracking control framework for autonomous vehicles based on model predictive control
      Hardware and software architecture of intelligent vehicles and road verification in typical traffic scenarios
      Intelligent vehicle safety system based on BeiDou satellite navigation system
      ISRF: interest semantic reasoning based fog firewall for information-centric Internet of Vehicles
      Millimetre-wave massive MIMO for cellular vehicle-to-infrastructure communication
      Development and verification of cooperative adaptive cruise control via LTE-V
      Rollover risk assessment and automated control for heavy duty vehicles based on vehicle-to-infrastructure information
      Efficient convNets for fast traffic sign recognition
    • Spatial–temporal traffic outlier detection by coupling road level of service
      Hybrid dual Kalman filtering model for short-term traffic flow forecasting
      Verifying driver performance for heavy haulage fatigue management
      Deep reinforcement learning based conflict detection and resolution in air traffic control
      Investigation of the costs, benefits and funding models for two bundles of cooperative intelligent transport system services
      Truck active reversing control strategy based on modified particle filter and multi-sensors environment perception

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