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IET Intelligent Transport Systems

Volume 13, Issue 2, February 2019

Volume 13, Issue 2

February 2019

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    • Development of neuro-fuzzy-based multimodal mode choice model for commuter in Delhi
      Automatic smoky vehicle detection from traffic surveillance video based on vehicle rear detection and multi-feature fusion
      Multi-model ensemble for short-term traffic flow prediction under normal and abnormal conditions
      Automatic measurement of the traffic sign with digital segmentation and recognition
      Vehicle-to-vehicle communication based on a peer-to-peer network with graph theory and consensus algorithm
      Research on the influence factors of real driving cycle with statistical analysis and dynamic time warping
      Towards a fully automated car parking system
      Direct-yaw-moment control of four-wheel-drive electrical vehicle based on lateral tyre–road forces and sideslip angle observer
      Longitudinal error improvement by visual odometry trajectory trail and road segment matching
      Model predictive control-based eco-driving strategy for CAV
      Anticipation model based on a modified fuzzy logic approach
      Artificial neural network for modelling of the correlation between lateral acceleration and head movement in a motion sickness study
      Importance of subject-dependent classification and imbalanced distributions in driver sleepiness detection in realistic conditions
      Alternative approach for vehicle trajectory reconstruction under spatiotemporal side friction using lopsided network
      Calibration of Gipps’ car-following model for trucks and the impacts on fuel consumption estimation
      Cooperative look-ahead control of vehicle platoon travelling on a road with varying slopes
      Integrated trajectory planning and control for obstacle avoidance manoeuvre using non-linear vehicle MP algorithm
      Multi-scale classification network for road crack detection
    • Development of localisation and mapping software for autonomous cars
      Preference-based smart parking system in a university campus

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