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Volume 13, Issue 1, January 2019

Volume 13, Issue 1

January 2019

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    • Potential of wireless power transfer for dynamic charging of electric vehicles
      Survey on cooperatively V2X downloading for intelligent transport systems
      Statistical-based approach for driving style recognition using Bayesian probability with kernel density estimation
      Lateral distance detection model based on convolutional neural network
      Driver identification in intelligent vehicle systems using machine learning algorithms
      Gated branch neural network for mandatory lane changing suggestion at the on-ramps of highway
      Dynamic integration and online evaluation of vision-based lane detection algorithms
      Human–machine shared control for vehicle lane keeping systems: a Lyapunov-based approach
      User-perceived styling experience of smart vehicles: a method to combine eye tracking with semantic differences
      Multi-objective optimal cooperative driving for connected and automated vehicles at non-signalised intersection
      Active collision algorithm for autonomous electric vehicles at intersections
      Integrated model predictive and torque vectoring control for path tracking of 4-wheel-driven autonomous vehicles
      Investigation of a DSRC-based end of queue collision warning system by considering real freeway data
      Modelling and testing of in-wheel motor drive intelligent electric vehicles based on co-simulation with Carsim/Simulink
      Lateral stability enhancement based on a novel sliding mode prediction control for a four-wheel-independently actuated electric vehicle
      Cooperative chassis control system of electric vehicles for agility and stability improvements
      Robust shifting control of a motor-transmission integrated system considering anti-jerking and speed regulation for electric vehicles
      Fast velocity trajectory planning and control algorithm of intelligent 4WD electric vehicle for energy saving using time-based MPC
      Accelerated adaptive super twisting sliding mode observer-based drive shaft torque estimation for electric vehicle with automated manual transmission
      New traction motor sizing strategy for an HEV/EV based on an overcurrent-tolerant prediction model
      Design and optimisation of an In-wheel switched reluctance motor for electric vehicles
      Multi-objective optimisation of electro–hydraulic braking system based on MOEA/D algorithm
      Implementation of velocity optimisation strategy based on preview road information to trade off transport time and fuel consumption for hybrid mining trucks
      Comparative study on the economy of hybrid mining trucks for open-pit mining
      Improved scheme of membership function optimisation for fuzzy air-fuel ratio control of GDI engines
      PM and PAHs emissions of ship auxiliary engine fuelled with waste cooking oil biodiesel and marine gas oil
      VSP-based emission factor calibration and signal timing optimisation for arterial streets

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