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Volume 12, Issue 9, November 2018

Volume 12, Issue 9

November 2018

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    • Deep learning methods in transportation domain: a review
      Value-based deep reinforcement learning for adaptive isolated intersection signal control
      Hybrid machine learning and optimisation method to solve a tri-level road network protection problem
      Estimation of sparse O–D matrix accounting for demand volatility
      Stochastic collective model of public transport passenger arrival process
      Simulating deployment of connectivity and automation on the Antwerp ring road
      INTRALOG – intelligent autonomous truck applications in logistics; single and double articulated autonomous rearward docking on DCs
      Mapping of truck traffic in New Jersey using weigh-in-motion data
      Hierarchical hub location problem for freight network design
      Impact assessments of intelligent transport system performance in a freight transport corridor
      Diffie–Hellman process and its use in secure and authenticated VC networks
      Rule-based searching for collision test cases of autonomous vehicles simulation
      Assessment of ITS architectures
      Merging safety and cybersecurity analysis in product design
      Implementation and evaluation of cooperative adaptive cruise control functionalities
      Driver's dashboard – using social media data as additional information for motorway operators
      Dynamic traffic diversion model based on dynamic traffic demand estimation and prediction
      Advanced accident prediction models and impacts assessment
      Exploring lane change safety issues for manually driven vehicles in vehicle platooning environments
      Proposal of a new virtual evaluation approach of preventive safety applications and advanced driver assistance functions – application: AEB system
      Investigation of older driver's takeover performance in highly automated vehicles in adverse weather conditions
      Evaluation framework for mobile ticketing applications in public transit: a case study
      Prediction of energy consumption for new electric vehicle models by machine learning
      City-wide emissions modelling using fleet probe vehicles

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