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Volume 12, Issue 8, October 2018

Volume 12, Issue 8

October 2018

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    • Smart parking sensors, technologies and applications for open parking lots: a review
      Big Data for transportation and mobility: recent advances, trends and challenges
    • Data-driven approach for identifying spatiotemporally recurrent bottlenecks
      Automated class identification of modes of travel in shared spaces: a case study from India
      Ant colony optimisation for coloured travelling salesman problem by multi-task learning
      Automotive radar system for multiple-vehicle detection and tracking in urban environments
      Predicting the future location of cars on urban street network by chaining spatial web services
      Cross-regional driver–vehicle interaction design: an interview study on driving risk perceptions, decisions, and ADAS function preferences
      Optimising departure intervals for multiple bus lines with a multi-objective model
      Vigilance detection method for high-speed rail using wireless wearable EEG collection technology based on low-rank matrix decomposition
      Systematic clustering method to identify and characterise spatiotemporal congestion on freeway corridors
      Multi-level pedestrian signalisation at large four-leg roundabouts
      Railway freight volume forecast using an ensemble model with optimised deep belief network
      Interval type-2 fuzzy-logic-based decision fusion system for air-lane monitoring
      Aerodrome situational awareness of unmanned aircraft: an integrated self-learning approach with Bayesian network semantic segmentation
      Estimating urban traffic states using iterative refinement and Wardrop equilibria
      Identifying activities and trips with GPS data
      Centralised versus decentralised signal control of large-scale urban road networks in real time: a simulation study
      Integrity monitoring for Positioning of intelligent transport systems using integrated RTK-GNSS, IMU and vehicle odometer
      Stochastic traffic modelling and decentralised signal control based on a state transition probability model
      Control design for stable connected cruise control systems to enhance safety and traffic efficiency
      Safety monitor for train-centric CBTC system
      Hyper-parameters optimisation of deep CNN architecture for vehicle logo recognition
      Optimal location and sizing of fast charging stations for electric vehicles by incorporating traffic and power networks
      Low-cost triboelectric sensor for speed measurement and weight estimation of vehicles
    • Facilitation of air traffic control via optical character recognition-based aircraft registration number extraction
      Vehicle scheduling approach and its practice to optimise public bicycle redistribution in Hangzhou
      Optimising the public transport priority at road intersections

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