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IET Intelligent Transport Systems

Volume 12, Issue 10, December 2018

Volume 12, Issue 10

December 2018

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    • Car detection and classification using cascade model
      Real-time detection of distracted driving based on deep learning
      Support vector machine and back propagation neutral network approaches for trip mode prediction using mobile phone data
      Real-time detection of end-of-queue shockwaves on freeways using probe vehicles with spacing equipment
      Cooperative driving modelling in the vicinity of traffic signals based on intelligent driver model
      Cooperative adaptive cruise control in mixed traffic with selective use of vehicle-to-vehicle communication
      All-stop, skip-stop, or transfer service: an empirical study on preferences of bus passengers
      Using ALPR data to understand the vehicle use behaviour under TDM measures
      Dynamically integrated spatiotemporal-based trajectory planning and control for autonomous vehicles
      Vehicles detection for illumination changes urban traffic scenes employing adaptive local texture feature background model
      GPS-data-driven dynamic destination prediction for on-demand one-way carsharing system
      Driver intention based coordinate control of regenerative and plugging braking for electric vehicles with in-wheel PMSMs
      Method of speed data fusion based on Bayesian combination algorithm and high-order multi-variable Markov model
      Ensemble classifier for driver's fatigue detection based on a single EEG channel
      Optimal velocity prediction for fuel economy improvement of connected vehicles
      Trajectory planning and optimisation method for intelligent vehicle lane changing emergently
      Prediction of ship collision risk based on CART
      Approach to discovering companion patterns based on traffic data stream
      Improved approach for time-based taxi trajectory planning towards conflict-free, efficient and fluent airport ground movement
      Complex network model for railway timetable stability optimisation
      Closed-loop hierarchical control strategies for connected and autonomous hybrid electric vehicles with random errors
      Sensor fusion for vehicle tracking based on the estimated probability
      Traffic sign recognition using weighted multi-convolutional neural network
      Fast single shot multibox detector and its application on vehicle counting system
      Predicting vacant parking space availability: an SVR method with fruit fly optimisation
      Multinomial logit analysis of the effects of five different app-based incentives to encourage cycling to work
      Hidden Markov model and driver path preference for floating car trajectory map matching
      Roadside unit location for information propagation promotion on two parallel roadways with a general headway distribution
      Comprehensive predictive control method for automated vehicles in dynamic traffic circumstances

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