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IET Intelligent Transport Systems

Volume 11, Issue 9, November 2017

Volume 11, Issue 9

November 2017

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    • Rainfall-integrated traffic speed prediction using deep learning method
      Destination and route choice models for bidirectional pedestrian flow based on the social force model
      Analysis of drivers’ performance in response to potential collision with pedestrians at urban crosswalks
      Simulation of hard shoulder running combined with queue warning during traffic accident with CTM model
    • Energy management of a dual-mode power-split powertrain based on the Pontryagin's minimum principle
      Traffic flow data compression considering burst components
      Vehicle detection using three-axis AMR sensors deployed along travel lane markings
      Smartphone-based crowdsourcing for position estimation of public transport vehicles
      Modelling the driving behaviour at a signalised intersection with the information of remaining green time
      Analysis of speed disturbances in empirical single vehicle probe data before traffic breakdown

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