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IET Intelligent Transport Systems

Volume 11, Issue 7, September 2017

Volume 11, Issue 7

September 2017

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    • Guest Editorial: Highlights from the ITS European Congress in Glasgow (2016)
      Evaluation of the CO2 emissions pathway from hydrogen production to fuel cell car utilisation
      Robust and cost-efficient experimental design for technical tests of information and communication technology-based solutions in the automotive sector
      Advantage of cooperative traffic light control algorithms
      Speed prediction from mobile sensors using cellular phone-based traffic data
      Open transport data for maximising reuse in multimodal route planners: a study in Flanders
      Public service approach to car-sharing in mid-sized towns: the example of Belfort (France)
    • Context-sensitive, first-principles approach to bicycle speed estimation
      Traffic light control using deep policy-gradient and value-function-based reinforcement learning
      Road network abstraction approach for traffic analysis: framework and numerical analysis
      Driving risk status prediction using Bayesian networks and logistic regression

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