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IET Intelligent Transport Systems

Volume 1, Issue 2, June 2007

Volume 1, Issue 2

June 2007

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    • Common preferences of different user segments as basis for intelligent transport system: case study – Finland
      Achieving personal security in future domestic travel: technology and user needs
      Developing a unified set of information covering accessibility at public transport terminals
      Intelligent transport systems and effects on road traffic accidents: state of the art
      Speech and driving – solution or problem?
      Crossroads risk assessment using GPS and inter-vehicle communications
      National multimodal travel information – a strategy based on stakeholder involvement and intelligent transportation system architecture
      Framework design of highway traveller information system of Jiangsu province in China
      Forecasting and evaluation of traffic safety impacts: driving assistance systems against road infrastructure measures
      Evaluating capacity and delay given the implementation of ITS technology at truck weight and safety inspection stations
      Using global positioning system for bus priority in London: traffic signals close to bus stops
      Intelligent infrastructure-based queue-end warning system for avoiding rear impacts
      Optimal traffic data archive scheme
      Improving backing-up manoeuvre safety with vision-based movement detection
      Learning user preferences of route choice behaviour for adaptive route guidance
      Contact bridging dampers for back-up on automated highways

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