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Volume 9, Issue 8, August 2015

Volume 9, Issue 8

August 2015

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    • Low-cost and high-speed hardware implementation of contrast-preserving image dynamic range compression for full-HD video enhancement
      Robust medical image watermarking technique for accurate detection of tampers inside region of interest and recovering original region of interest
      Supervised locally linear embedding algorithm based on orthogonal matching pursuit
      Texture descriptor based on local combination adaptive ternary pattern
      Logarithmical hopping encoding: a low computational complexity algorithm for image compression
      High-speed implementation of rate-distortion optimised quantisation for H.265/HEVC
      Efficient naturalness restoration for non-uniform illumination images
      Wavelet-based blind deconvolution of near-field ultrasound scans
      Security analysis of a three-dimensional rotation-based image encryption
      Real-world gender classification via local Gabor binary pattern and three-dimensional face reconstruction by generic elastic model
      Fast computation of residual complexity image similarity metric using low-complexity transforms
      Image denoising using common vector approach
      Local selected features of dual-tree complex wavelet transform for single sample face recognition

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