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Volume 8, Issue 12, December 2014

Volume 8, Issue 12

December 2014

Lossless chaos-based crypto-compression scheme for image protection
Document image super-resolution using structural similarity and Markov random field
Multimodal non-rigid registration methods based on local variability measures in computed tomography and magnetic resonance brain images
Intelligent hybrid watermarking ancient-document wavelet packet decomposition-singular value decomposition-based schema
Inversion attack resilient zero-watermarking scheme for medical image authentication
Sparse-induced similarity measure: mono-modal image registration via sparse-induced similarity measure
A fractal-based image encryption system
Edge preservation image enlargement and enhancement method based on the adaptive Perona–Malik non-linear diffusion model
Human perception-based image segmentation using optimising of colour quantisation
Hybrid approach using map-based estimation and class-specific Hough forest for pedestrian counting and detection
Histogram modification using grey-level co-occurrence matrix for image contrast enhancement
New technique for online object tracking-by-detection in video
Saliency detection framework via linear neighbourhood propagation
Image restoration by blind-Wiener filter
Active contours with a joint and region-scalable distribution metric for interactive natural image segmentation
Single-image super-resolution with total generalised variation and Shearlet regularisations
Image processing system dedicated to a visual intra-cortical stimulator
Synthetic aperture radar image segmentation using fuzzy label field-based triplet Markov fields model

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