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Volume 7, Issue 5, July 2013

Volume 7, Issue 5

July 2013

Image fusion scheme based on modified dual pulse coupled neural network
Myocardium segmentation in Strain-Encoded (SENC) magnetic resonance images using graph-cuts
New approach for identifying hereditary relation using primary fingerprint patterns
Robust quantisation index modulation-based approach for image watermarking
Image denoising algorithm based on contourlet transform for optical coherence tomography heart tube image
Robust image watermarking using dihedral angle based on maximum-likelihood detector
Segmentation and localisation of whole slide images using unsupervised learning
Low-contrast satellite images enhancement using discrete cosine transform pyramid and singular value decomposition
Compound image compression based on unified LZ and hybrid coding
Extraction of interest points by Harris interest operator for synthetic aperture radar image coregistration
Visual illumination compensation for face images using light mapping matrix
Automatic classification of medical X-ray images: hybrid generative-discriminative approach
High throughput and energy efficient two-dimensional inverse discrete cosine transform architecture

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