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IET Image Processing

Volume 6, Issue 8, November 2012

Volume 6, Issue 8

November 2012

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    • Estimating the surface and volume of laboratory-scale wildfire fuel using computer vision
      Enhanced motion compensated deinterlacing algorithm
      Coronary angiogram video compression using wavelet-based contourlet transform and region-of-interest technique
      Cognition-based parameter setting of non-linear filters using a face recognition system
      Rate-distortion optimised quantisation for direct current coefficients of Wyner–Ziv frame in unidirectional distributed video coding
      Active contour driven by region-scalable fitting and local Bhattacharyya distance energies for ultrasound image segmentation
      Colour demosaicking with directional filtering and weighting
      Multiple face detection algorithm using colour skin modelling
      Copy detection pattern-based document protection for variable media
      Kolmogorov superposition theorem for image compression
      Fast algorithm for multiple-circle detection on images using learning automata
      Image denoising based on the symmetric normal inverse Gaussian model and non-subsampled contourlet transform
      Adaptive noise removal approach for restoration of digital images corrupted by multimodal noise
      Efficient face recognition using frequency distribution curve matching
      Adaptive object tracking algorithm based on eigenbasis space and compressive sampling
      Specular-based illumination estimation using blind signal separation techniques
      Colour texture classification from colour filter array images using various colour spaces
      Image enhancement through complex conduction coefficient modifications

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