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IET Image Processing

Volume 6, Issue 7, October 2012

Volume 6, Issue 7

October 2012

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    • Speckle reduction with edges preservation for ultrasound images: using function spaces approach
      Image retrieval and classification using adaptive local binary patterns based on texture features
      Triplet Markov fields with edge location for fast unsupervised multi-class segmentation of synthetic aperture radar images
      General method for edge detection based on the shear transform
      Characterisation of tool marks on cartridge cases by combining multiple images
      Sharp feature extraction in point clouds
      Concentric-circle-based camera calibration
      Fast image interpolation using the bilateral filter
      Colourisation in Yxy colour space for purple fringing correction
      Colour demosaicking for complementary colour filter array using spectral and spatial correlations
      Visual sensitivity-based low-bit-rate image compression algorithm
      Classification of surveillance video objects using chaotic series
      Bayesian image denoising using two complementary discontinuity measures
      Level-base compounded logarithmic curve function for colour image enhancement
      Super-resolution using an enhanced Papoulis–Gerchberg algorithm
      Single image fog removal using anisotropic diffusion
      Improved decision-based detail-preserving variational method for removal of random-valued impulse noise
      Dynamic threshold-based keyframe detection and its application in rate control
      Fast computation of Zernike moments in polar coordinates
      Automatic detection of exudates and optic disk in retinal images using curvelet transform
      Biogeography-based optimisation search algorithm for block matching motion estimation
      Acceleration of fractal image compression using fuzzy clustering and discrete-cosine-transform-based metric

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