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IET Image Processing

Volume 6, Issue 5, July 2012

Volume 6, Issue 5

July 2012

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    • Colour image watermarking for tamper proofing and pattern-based recovery
      Affine image registration guided by particle filter
      Adaptive and efficient colour quantisation based on a growing self-organising map
      Level set segmentation of intensity inhomogeneous images based on local linear approximation of difference image
      Image matching using peak signal-to-noise ratio-based occlusion detection
      Bi-level image compression technique using neural networks
      Reversible watermarking utilising weighted median-based prediction
      Wound model reconstruction from three-dimensional skin surface imaging using the convex hull approximation method
      Post-processing deblocking filter algorithm for various video decoders
      Fast super-resolution algorithms using one-dimensional patch-based training and directional interpolation
      Adaptive multiresolution non-local means filter for three-dimensional magnetic resonance image denoising
      Iterative three-dimensional rigid object pose estimation with contour correspondence
      Wavelet domain Bayesian processor for speckle removal in medical ultrasound images
      Single image visibility enhancement in gradient domain
      Information integration for accurate foreground segmentation in complex scenes
      Foreground segmentation for dynamic scenes with sudden illumination changes

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