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IET Image Processing

Volume 6, Issue 2, March 2012

Volume 6, Issue 2

March 2012

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    • Precise multi-level face detector for advanced analysis of facial images
      Very-large-scale integration design of a low-power and cost-effective context-based adaptive variable length coding decoder for H.264/AVC portable applications
      Visual tracking via bag of features
      Colour correction pre-processing and chrominance reconstruction post-processing for multi-view video coding
      Padua point interpolation and Lp-norm minimisation in colour-based image indexing and retrieval
      Shadow identification for digital imagery using colour and texture cues
      Spectral technique to recognise occluded objects
      Colour image super-resolution using geometric grouplets
      Video post processing: low-latency spatiotemporal approach for detection and removal of rain
      Efficient computation of correlation coefficient using negative reference in template matching applications

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