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IET Image Processing

Volume 5, Issue 5, August 2011

Volume 5, Issue 5

August 2011

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    • Editorial: Imaging Systems and Techniques
      High-speed image detector appliance in free space optical communication
      Detection of seagrass in optical shallow water with Quickbird in the Xincun Bay, Hainan province, China
      Accurate extrinsic calibration method of a line structured-light sensor based on a standard ball
      Millimetre-wave radiometric imaging for concealed contraband detection on personnel
      Reconstruction of flame temperature field with optical sectioning method
      Extracting local texture features for image-based coin recognition
      Image measurement of body position during side-approach transfer motion
      Weld-pool image centroid algorithm for seam-tracking vision model in arc-welding process
      Human body and posture recognition system based on an improved thinning algorithm
      Modelling the characteristics of material distributions in polarimetric images
      Contour tracking using Gaussian particle filter
      Iris segmentation for non-cooperative recognition systems
      Elimination of gridlines by using non-linear filter in mammographic image
      Cross-point regions on multiple bit planes for lossless images compression
      Noise adaptive switching median-based filter for impulse noise removal from extremely corrupted images
      Efficient hierarchical matching algorithm for processing uncalibrated stereo vision images and its hardware architecture
      Evaluation of shape descriptors for shape-based image retrieval
      Extensible electrical capacitance tomography system for gas–liquid two-phase flow
      Improvement of signal-to-noise ratio and image stability in magnetic inductance tomography by exploiting transient response analysis
      Thick-wall electrical capacitance tomography and its application in dense-phase pneumatic conveying under high pressure
      Three-dimensional image corrections for time-of-flight cameras

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