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Volume 14, Issue 9, 20 July 2020

Volume 14, Issue 9

20 July 2020

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    • From pyramids to state-of-the-art: a study and comprehensive comparison of visible–infrared image fusion techniques
    • DRGAN: a deep residual generative adversarial network for PET image reconstruction
      Collaborative model tracking with robust occlusion handling
      Fingerprint liveness detection based on guided filtering and hybrid image analysis
      Novel distortion free and histogram based data hiding scheme
      Segmentation techniques for early cancer detection in red blood cells with deep learning-based classifier—a comparative approach
      Fast fractal image compression algorithm using specific update search
      Robust graph regularised sparse matrix regression for two-dimensional supervised feature selection
      General generative model-based image compression method using an optimisation encoder
      Collaborative similarity metric learning for face recognition in the wild
      Adaptive bag-of-visual word modelling using stacked-autoencoder and particle swarm optimisation for the unsupervised categorisation of images
      Denoising framework based on external prior guided rotational clustering
      Neural network-based image quality comparator without collecting the human score for training
      H-WordNet: a holistic convolutional neural network approach for handwritten word recognition
      Segmentation method of multiple sclerosis lesions based on 3D-CNN networks
      Surface segmentation and environment change analysis using band ratio phenology index method – supervised aspect
      Swift distance transformed belief propagation using a novel dynamic label pruning method
      Specific category region proposal network for text detection in natural scene
      Optimal weighted bilateral filter with dual-range kernel for Gaussian noise removal
      Combining highlight removal and low-light image enhancement technique for HDR-like image generation
      Optimised multi-wavelet domain for decomposed electrooculogram-based eye movement classification
      Medical image fusion using the PCNN based on IQPSO in NSST domain
      Detecting abnormal events in traffic video surveillance using superorientation optical flow feature
      Fast prediction mode selection and CU partition for HEVC intra coding
      Multi-objectives optimisation of features selection for the classification of thyroid nodules in ultrasound images
      Automatic tracing and extraction of text-line and word segments directly in JPEG compressed document images
      Fully-automatic raw G-band chromosome image segmentation
      Novel fuzzy clustering-based bias field correction technique for brain magnetic resonance images
      Reweighted infrared patch image model for small target detection based on non-convex ℒp-norm minimisation and TV regularisation

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