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Volume 14, Issue 5, 17 April 2020

Volume 14, Issue 5

17 April 2020

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    • Enhanced image no-reference quality assessment based on colour space distribution
      Improved strategy for human action recognition; experiencing a cascaded design
      Stereo matching for infrared images using guided filtering weighted by exponential moving average
      Image patch prior learning based on random neighbourhood resampling for image denoising
      Blind video quality assessment via spatiotemporal statistical analysis of adaptive cube size 3D-DCT coefficients
      KSR-BOF: a new and exemplified method (as KSRs method) for image classification
      Hybrid higher-order total variation model for multiplicative noise removal
      Privacy preserving search index for image databases based on SURF and order preserving encryption
      CapsNet topology to classify tumours from brain images and comparative evaluation
      Kernel-based Bayesian clustering of computed tomography images for lung nodule segmentation
      Robust image hashing with visual attention model and invariant moments
      Depth data and fusion of feature descriptors for static gesture recognition
      Active contour image segmentation model with de-hazing constraints
      Structure tensor-based SIFT algorithm for SAR image registration
      Two-stage traffic sign detection and recognition based on SVM and convolutional neural networks
      CNN based localisation of forged region in object-based forgery for HD videos
      Segmentation-based recognition system for handwritten Bangla and Devanagari words using conventional classification and transfer learning
      Image encryption with cross colour field algorithm and improved cascade chaos systems
      Multi-directional local adjacency descriptors (MDLAD) for heterogeneous face recognition

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