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Volume 14, Issue 4, 27 March 2020

Volume 14, Issue 4

27 March 2020

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    • Varied channels region proposal and classification network for wildlife image classification under complex environment
      Robust retinal optic disc and optic cup segmentation via stationary wavelet transform and maximum vessel pixel sum
      Context-based ensemble classification for the detection of architectural distortion in a digitised mammogram
      Detection and localisation of multiple brain tumours by object counting and elimination
      Deep convolution network for dense crowd counting
      Reference data preparation for complex satellite image segmentation
      Effective key-frame extraction approach using TSTBTC–BBA
      Image quality assessment via spatial-transformed domains multi-feature fusion
      Medical fusion framework using discrete fractional wavelets and non-subsampled directional filter banks
      Low light image enhancement with adaptive sigmoid transfer function
      New design of adaptive Gabor wavelet filter bank for medical image retrieval
      Efficient inception V2 based deep convolutional neural network for real-time hand action recognition
      Wavelet transform modulus maxima-based robust logo watermarking
      Semi-supervised convolutional generative adversarial network for hyperspectral image classification
      Wavelet-based deep learning for skin lesion classification
      Novel visual tracking approach via ant lion optimiser
      Segmentation-based MAP despeckling of medical ultrasound images in shearlet domain based on normal inverse Gaussian distribution
      Normalised gamma transformation-based contrast-limited adaptive histogram equalisation with colour correction for sand–dust image enhancement
      Semantic combined network for zero-shot scene parsing
      Variable step-size matching pursuit based on oblique projection for compressed sensing
      No-reference quality assessment for live broadcasting videos in temporal and spatial domains
      Learning a minimum similarity projection and lowest correlation representation for image classification
      Application of optimal FrFT order for improving the azimuth resolution of range Doppler imaging algorithm
      Image contrast enhancement with brightness preservation using an optimal gamma and logarithmic approach

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