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Volume 14, Issue 1, 10 January 2020

Volume 14, Issue 1

10 January 2020

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    • Vehicle detection in intelligent transport system under a hazy environment: a survey
    • Image-independent optimal non-negative integer bit allocation technique for the DCT-based image transform coders
      Binary tomography on the isometric tessellation involving pixel shape orientation
      Image sorting via a reduction in travelling salesman problem
      Colour image encryption scheme based on enhanced quadratic chaotic map
      Real-time least-squares ensemble visual tracking
      Automatic optical-to-SAR image registration using a structural descriptor
      Automatic rectification of warped Bangla document images
      Gradient-based kernel selection technique for tumour detection and extraction of medical images using graph cut
      Regularised IHS-based pan-sharpening approach using spectral consistency constraint and total variation
      XNORCONV: CNNs accelerator implemented on FPGA using a hybrid CNNs structure and an inter-layer pipeline method
      Low-rank tensor completion for visual data recovery via the tensor train rank-1 decomposition
      Higher precision range estimation for context-based adaptive binary arithmetic coding
      Automatic detection of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia based on extending the multifractal features
      Image retrieval based on ASIFT features in a Hadoop clustered system
      Integrated system for automatic detection of representative video frames in wireless capsule endoscopy using adaptive sliding window singular value decomposition
      Correction of complex purple fringing by green-channel compensation and local luminance adaptation
      Novel image restoration method based on multi-frame super-resolution for atmospherically distorted images
      Fusing HOG and convolutional neural network spatial–temporal features for video-based facial expression recognition
      Level set based shape prior and deep learning for image segmentation
      DRU-net: a novel U-net for biomedical image segmentation
      Optimisation of linear dependence energy for object co-segmentation in a set of images with heterogeneous contents

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