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Volume 14, Issue 17, 24 December 2020

Volume 14, Issue 17

24 December 2020

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    • Computational complexity of fractal image compression algorithm
    • Efficient computer-aided diagnosis technique for leukaemia cancer detection
      Bow image retrieval method based on SSD target detection
      Hybrid DSSCS and convolutional neural network for peripheral blood cell recognition system
      Super-pixel image segmentation algorithm based on adaptive equalisation feature parameters
      Balanced principal component for 3D shape recognition using convolutional neural networks
      Performance enhancement of image segmentation analysis for multi-grade tumour classification in MRI image
      Improved probabilistic decision-based trimmed median filter for detection and removal of high-density impulsive noise
      Non-iterative blind deconvolution algorithm based on power-law distribution
      Improved algorithm for multiple sclerosis diagnosis in MRI using convolutional neural network
      Simple accurate model-based phase diversity phase retrieval algorithm for wavefront sensing in high-resolution optical imaging systems
      Generative adversarial image super-resolution network for multiple degradations
      Composite attacks-based copy-move image forgery detection using AKAZE and FAST with automatic contrast thresholding
      Fast and robust superpixel generation method
      MPA-Net: multi-path attention stereo matching network
      Novel segmentation algorithm for jacquard patterns based on multi-view image fusion
      Microaneurysms segmentation and diabetic retinopathy detection by learning discriminative representations
      Flow-based frame interpolation networks combined with occlusion-aware mask estimation
      Segmentation of images through curve fitting analysis by modified Vandermonde matrix and modified Gram-Schmidt method
      Retinal vessel segmentation based on task-driven generative adversarial network
      Two viewpoints based real-time recognition for hand gestures
      Multi-scale feature fusion network for person re-identification
      Vehicle detection based on improved multitask cascaded convolutional neural network and mixed image enhancement
      Secure high capacity tetris-based scheme for data hiding
      Intelligent monitoring method of water quality based on image processing and RVFL-GMDH model
      SIFT and HOG features for the retrieval of ancient Kannada epigraphs
      Novel framework for automatic localisation of gun carrying by moving person using various indoor and outdoor mimic and real-time views/Scenes
      Joint detection and tracking of non-ellipsoidal extended targets based on cubature Kalman-CBMeMBer sub-random matrices filter
      Real-time keypoints detection for autonomous recovery of the unmanned ground vehicle
      Multi-scale supervised network for crowd counting
      Edge-guided single facial depth map super-resolution using CNN
      Cervical cancer detection in cervical smear images using deep pyramid inference with refinement and spatial-aware booster
      Item-to-item recommender system with simultaneous use of multiple images for image mosaicking creation in dynamic scenes
      End to end system for hazy image classification and reconstruction based on mean channel prior using deep learning network
      Forged text detection in video, scene, and document images
      Infant brain segmentation based on a combination of VGG-16 and U-Net deep neural networks
      Blind multipurpose watermarking with insertion of a single watermark: a generic construction based on verifiable threshold secret sharing
      Blind deblurring and denoising via a learning deep CNN denoiser prior and an adaptive L 0-regularised gradient prior for passive millimetre-wave images
      Multimodal action recognition using variational-based Beta-Liouville hidden Markov models
      Improved framework of many-objective evolutionary algorithm to handle cloud detection problem in satellite imagery

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