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Volume 14, Issue 16, 19 December 2020

Volume 14, Issue 16

19 December 2020

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    • Machine learning and deep learning for clinical data and PET/SPECT imaging in Parkinson's disease: a review
      Survey on mixed impulse and Gaussian denoising filters
    • Fast visual saliency based on multi-scale difference of Gaussians fusion in frequency domain
      Common-specific feature learning for multi-source domain adaptation
      Ensemble learning-based COVID-19 detection by feature boosting in chest X-ray images
      Automated detection of multiple structural changes of diabetic macular oedema in SDOCT retinal images through transfer learning in CNNs
      Evaluation criterion of underwater object clustering segmentation with pulse-coupled neural network
      Hybrid feature CNN model for point cloud classification and segmentation
      Automatic layered RGB-D scene flow estimation with optical flow field constraint
      Efficient and unified license plate recognition via lightweight deep neural network
      Design and implementation of image kernels using reversible logic gates
      Social bat optimisation dependent deep stacked auto-encoder for skin cancer detection
      Image clustering algorithm using superpixel segmentation and non-symmetric Gaussian–Cauchy mixture model
      e CA segmentation and hybrid features on histopathology images " >Colon cancer prediction using 2DRCA segmentation and hybrid features on histopathology images
      SAR image denoising based on multifractal feature analysis and TV regularisation
      Inter-frame forgery detection and localisation in videos using earth mover's distance metric
      Segmentation using fuzzy cluster-based thresholding method for apple fruit sorting
      Depth estimation for underwater images from single view image
      Efficient image segmentation method based on an adaptive selection of Gabor filters
      Infrared and visible image fusion using multi-scale NSCT and rolling-guidance filter
      Ordered and fixed-length bit-string fingerprint representation with minutia vicinity combined feature and spectral clustering
      Reversible data hiding in encrypted images for coding channel based on adaptive steganography
      Image dehazing method via a cycle generative adversarial network
      Synthetic medical image generator for data augmentation and anonymisation based on generative adversarial network for glioblastoma tumors growth prediction
      Low-complexity block tree image coder for visual sensor networks
      Diagnosis of brain tumours by MRI binarisation with variable fuzzy level
      Automatic detection of multiple sclerosis lesions using Mask R-CNN on magnetic resonance scans
      NSST domain CT–MR neurological image fusion using optimised biologically inspired neural network
      Research on adaptive local feature enhancement in convolutional neural networks
      Optimised hybrid classifiers for automatic HEp-2 cell classification
      Comprehensive evaluation of image enhancement for unsupervised image description and matching
      Novel superpixel-based algorithm for segmenting lung images via convolutional neural network and random forest
      SE–RWNN: an synergistic evolution and randomly wired neural network-based model for adaptive underwater image enhancement
      MaskHunter: real-time object detection of face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic
      Design of optimal blind watermarking technique based on MOEA/D
      Image compact-resolution and reconstruction using reversible network
      Residual-wider convolutional neural network for image recognition
      Hybridisation of single-image super-resolution with edge-aware multi-focus image fusion for edge enrichment
      Efficient image structural similarity quality assessment method using image regularised feature
      Two-scale fusion method of infrared and visible images via parallel saliency features

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