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Volume 14, Issue 15, 15 December 2020

Volume 14, Issue 15

15 December 2020

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    • Guest Editorial: Evolutionary Computation for Image Processing
      Research on image sharpening algorithm in weak illumination environment
      Improved artificial bee colony algorithm with opposition-based learning
      KSSD: single-stage multi-object detection algorithm with higher accuracy
      Gesture recognition algorithm based on multi-scale feature fusion in RGB-D images
      Innovative approach for multimodal fusion recognition based feature extraction using band-limited phase-only correlation and discrete orthonormal Stockwell transform
      Convolutional neural network based on differential privacy in exponential attenuation mode for image classification
      Research on measurement and energy efficiency improvement of flat panel display based on industrial control
      Jointly network image processing: multi-task image semantic segmentation of indoor scene based on CNN
      Combined mixed Gaussian model with pattern recognition in the automatic diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease
    • Segmentation of brain magnetic resonance images using a novel fuzzy clustering based method
      Retinal image blood vessel extraction and quantification with Euclidean distance transform approach
      Local contrast measure with iterative error for infrared small target detection
      Water level monitoring using classification techniques on Landsat-8 data at Sangam region, Prayagraj, India
      Genetic-based feature fusion in face recognition using arithmetic coded local binary patterns
      Multi-camera 3D ball tracking framework for sports video
      Rotational invariant biologically inspired object recognition
      EKFPnP: extended Kalman filter for camera pose estimation in a sequence of images
      Target object detection using chicken social-based deep belief network with hyperspectral imagery
      Deep convolutional neural network for mixed random impulse and Gaussian noise reduction in digital images
      Wise optimisation: deep image embedding by informative pair weighting and ranked list learning
      Automatic production of synthetic labelled OCT images using an active shape model
      Two-stage visible watermark removal architecture based on deep learning
      Fast and robust image watermarking method in the spatial domain
      CMCS-net: image compressed sensing with convolutional measurement via DCNN
      Ensemble-based glioma grade classification using Gabor filter bank and rotation forest
      Multimodal biometric recognition systems using deep learning based on the finger vein and finger knuckle print fusion
      PReLU and edge-aware filter-based image denoiser using convolutional neural network
      Image enhancement using convolutional neural network to identify similar patterns
      HU-PageScan: a fully convolutional neural network for document page crop
      High-precision refocusing method with one interpolation for camera array images
      Hyperspectral remote sensing image classification using combinatorial optimisation based un-supervised band selection and CNN
      Printed Persian OCR system using deep learning
      Defect detection of printed circuit board based on lightweight deep convolution network
      Vector ordering and regression learning-based ranking for dynamic summarisation of user videos
      Deep feature learning for gender classification with covered/camouflaged faces
      Category-wise feature extractor based on ADL method for weak-supervised object localisation
      Tumour growth prediction of follow-up lung cancer via conditional recurrent variational autoencoder
      CGGAN: a context-guided generative adversarial network for single image dehazing
      Iterative PET image reconstruction using cascaded data consistency generative adversarial network
      DeepInterpolation: fusion of multiple interpolations and CNN to obtain super-resolution

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