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Volume 14, Issue 13, November 2020

Volume 14, Issue 13

November 2020

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    • Accelerating convolutional neural network training using ProMoD backpropagation algorithm
      Structure preservation in content-aware image retargeting using multi-operator
      Boundary detection using unbiased sparseness-constrained colour-opponent response and superpixel contrast
      Ring oscillator as confusion – diffusion agent: a complete TRNG drove image security
      Approach for shadow detection and removal using machine learning techniques
      Image super-resolution based on conditional generative adversarial network
      Blood flow imaging of high frame rate two-dimensional vector in cardiovascular ultrasound detection
      Feedback evaluations to promote image captioning
      Adaptive iterative global image denoising method based on SVD
      Minimum class variance broad learning system for hyperspectral image classification
      Class-aware single image to 3D object translational autoencoder
      Occlusion-handling tracker based on discriminative correlation filters
      Mutual information guided 3D ResNet for self-supervised video representation learning
      Efficient segmentation of lumbar intervertebral disc from MR images
      Eigenstructure involving the histogram for image thresholding
      Analysis of the correlation between infrared thermal sequence images of nostril area and respiratory rate
      Denoising real bursts with squeeze-and-excitation residual network
      Siamese convolutional neural network-based approach towards universal image forensics
      Toward a general model for reflection recovery and single image enhancement
      Multi-exposure image fusion via a pyramidal integration of the phase congruency of input images with the intensity-based maps
      Video summarisation with visual and semantic cues
      Advanced framework for highly secure and cloud-based storage of colour images
      Recognition of distorted QR codes with one missing position detection pattern
      Multi-scale patches based image denoising using weighted nuclear norm minimisation
      Dynamic mosaicking: combining A* algorithm with fractional Brownian motion for an optimal seamline detection
      Target distance measurement method using monocular vision
      Multi-modal image fusion based on saliency guided in NSCT domain
      Colour image enhancement with brightness preservation and edge sharpening using a heat conduction matrix
      Multiscale matters for part segmentation of instruments in robotic surgery
      Human activity recognition using improved dynamic image
      Active contours driven by modified LoG energy term and optimised penalty term for image segmentation
      F2PNet: font-to-painting translation by adversarial learning
      Novel breast cancer classification framework based on deep learning
      Image dehazing with uneven illumination prior by dense residual channel attention network
      Robust segmentation of the colour image by fusing the SDD clustering results from different colour spaces

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