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Volume 14, Issue 12, 16 October 2020

Volume 14, Issue 12

16 October 2020

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    • Guest Editorial: AI-Powered 3D Vision
      Depth map artefacts reduction: a review
      Absolute phase unwrapping with SVM for fringe-projection profilometry
      Geometry and context guided refinement for stereo matching
      Energy minimisation-based multi-class multi-instance geometric primitives extraction from 3D point clouds
      New multi-view human motion capture framework
      Individual retrieval based on oral cavity point cloud data and correntropy-based registration algorithm
      DenseUNet: densely connected UNet for electron microscopy image segmentation
      Coarse-to-fine 3D road model registration for traffic video augmentation
      Method for automatic railway track surface defect classification and evaluation using a laser-based 3D model
      360 ° video compression based on sphere-rotated frame prediction " > video compression based on sphere-rotated frame prediction
    • MapReduce framework based big data clustering using fractional integrated sparse fuzzy C means algorithm
      Automatic labelling of brain tissues in MR images through spatial indexes based hybrid atlas forest
      Bayesian multilevel random-effects model for estimating noise in image sensors
      3D reconstruction of spine image from 2D MRI slices along one axis
      Simultaneous filter tuning and calibration of the camera and inertial measurement unit camera for a vision inertial navigation system
      Adaptive colour-guided non-local means algorithm for compound noise reduction of depth maps
      Multi-metric domain adaptation for unsupervised transfer learning
      Improved MR image denoising via low- rank approximation and Laplacian-of-Gaussian edge detector
      Image copy-move forgery detection using sparse recovery and keypoint matching
      Classification of magnetic resonance images for brain tumour detection
      Underwater sonar image classification using generative adversarial network and convolutional neural network
      Quantitative analysis of cell morphology based on the contourlet transform
      Fast multi-spectral image super-resolution via sparse representation
      l 1 and norms " >Subpixel image registration regularised by and norms
      SiameseCCR: a novel method for one-shot and few-shot Chinese CAPTCHA recognition using deep Siamese network
      Deep learning algorithm for breast masses classification in mammograms
      Adaptive switching interpolation filter for restoring impulse corrupted digital images
      Target segmentation of industrial smoke image based on LBP Silhouettes coefficient variant (LBPSCV) algorithm
      Novel approach for automatic mid-diastole frame detection in 2D echocardiography sequences for performing planimetry of the mitral valve orifice
      Method of multi-region tumour segmentation in brain MRI images using grid-based segmentation and weighted bee swarm optimisation
      Row-level algorithm to improve real-time performance of glass tube defect detection in the production phase
      Super-resolution image reconstruction using molecular docking
      Distributed ImageJ(Fiji): a framework for parallel image processing
    • A point-based redesign algorithm for designing geometrically complex surfaces. A case study: Miralles's croissant paradox

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