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Volume 14, Issue 11, 18 September 2020

Volume 14, Issue 11

18 September 2020

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    • Survey of single image super-resolution reconstruction
      Urdu handwritten text recognition: a survey
    • Symbol positions-based Slepian–Wolf coding with application to distributed video coding
      Novel image encryption by combining dynamic DNA sequence encryption and the improved 2D logistic sine map
      Background subtraction using infinite asymmetric Gaussian mixture models with simultaneous feature selection
      Robust palmprint identification using efficient enhancement and two-stage matching technique
      Conditional semi-fuzzy c-means clustering for imbalanced dataset
      Physics-based dynamic texture analysis and synthesis model using GPU
      Sparse representation based computed tomography images reconstruction by coupled dictionary learning algorithm
      Feature channel enhancement for crowd counting
      Approach to model human appearance based on sparse representation for human tracking in surveillance
      Multi-head mutual-attention CycleGAN for unpaired image-to-image translation
      New flexible directional filter bank by tuning Hermite transform parameters for content based medical image retrieval
      E2-capsule neural networks for facial expression recognition using AU-aware attention
      ResDNN: deep residual learning for natural image denoising
      Acceleration of multi-task cascaded convolutional networks
      Detection, quantification and classification of ripened tomatoes: a comparative analysis of image processing and machine learning
      Perceptual accessible image encryption scheme conjugating multiple chaotic maps
      Automatic food recognition system for middle-eastern cuisines
      Dynamic gesture recognition based on feature fusion network and variant ConvLSTM
      Vanishing point detection using the teaching learning-based optimisation algorithm
      Extreme learning machine with feature mapping of kernel function
      Seed picking crossover optimisation algorithm for semantic segmentation from images
      A bi-directional fractional-order derivative mask for image processing applications
      Structure–texture image decomposition using a new non-local TV-Hilbert model
      Comparative analysis of texture feature extraction techniques for rice grain classification
      DeepJoint segmentation for the classification of severity-levels of glioma tumour using multimodal MRI images
      Robust landmark-free head pose estimation by learning to crop and background augmentation
      Self-guided filter for image denoising
      SAR multi-target interactive motion recognition based on convolutional neural networks
      Hybrid deep emperor penguin classifier algorithm-based image quality assessment for visualisation application in HDR environments
      Non-uniform image blind deblurring by two-stage fully convolution network
      Higher order PDE based model for segmenting noisy image
      Support vector machine classification combined with multimodal magnetic resonance imaging in detection of patients with schizophrenia
      Unsupervised multiscale retinal blood vessel segmentation using fundus images

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