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Volume 14, Issue 10, 21 August 2020

Volume 14, Issue 10

21 August 2020

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    • Hybrid deep learning and machine learning approach for passive image forensic
      Development of an intelligent CAD system for mass detection in mammographic images
      Automatic grading of brain tumours using LSTM neural networks on magnetic resonance spectroscopy signals
      Unified deep learning approach for prediction of Parkinson's disease
      Deep learning-based automated detection of human knee joint's synovial fluid from magnetic resonance images with transfer learning
      Smart feature extraction and classification of hyperspectral images based on convolutional neural networks
      Evaluation of nano-filler dispersion quality in polymeric films with binary feature characteristics and fractal analysis
      Combination of multi-scale and residual learning in deep CNN for image denoising
      Where to look: a collection of methods forMAV heading correction in underground tunnels
      Automated fish cage net inspection using image processing techniques
    • Performance evaluation of single and cross-dimensional feature detection and description
      Optimised robust watermarking technique using CKGSA in DCT-SVD domain
      Comparative analysis of reversible data hiding schemes
    • Block cosparsity overcomplete learning transform image segmentation algorithm based on burr model
      Image multi-encryption architecture based on hybrid keystream sequence interspersed with Haar discrete wavelet transform
      Image copy-move forgery detection algorithm based on ORB and novel similarity metric
      Optimisation of both classifier and fusion based feature set for static American sign language recognition
      Rapid region analysis for classification
      Use of gradient and normal vectors for face recognition
      Bi-dictionary learning model for medical image reconstruction from undersampled data
      Visual saliency based global–local feature representation for skin cancer classification
      Sonar image mosaic based on a new feature matching method
      1D representation of Laplacian eigenmaps and dual k-nearest neighbours for unified video coding
      Feature encoding with hybrid heterogeneous structure model for image classification
      Hyperspectral image classification using three-dimensional geometric moments
      Multi-frame image super resolution using spatially weighted total variation regularisations
      Phase congruency and ODBTC based image retrieval
      Advanced lung cancer classification approach adopting modified graph clustering and whale optimisation-based feature selection technique accompanied by a hybrid ensemble classifier
      Adaptive road detection method combining lane line and obstacle boundary
      Target tracker with masked discriminative correlation filter
      MRGAN: a generative adversarial networks model for global mosaic removal
      Accurate leukocoria predictor based on deep VGG-net CNN technique
      Evaluating salient object detection in natural images with multiple objects having multi-level saliency
      Automatic recognition and location system for electric vehicle charging port in complex environment

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