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Volume 13, Issue 9, 18 July 2019

Volume 13, Issue 9

18 July 2019

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    • Combining colour and grey-level co-occurrence matrix features: a comparative study
    • Reversibility-oriented secret image sharing mechanism with steganography and authentication based on code division multiplexing
      Multi-objective differential evolution-based ensemble method for brain tumour diagnosis
      Pedestrian detection framework based on magnetic regional regression
      Copy-for-duplication forgery detection in colour images using QPCETMs and sub-image approach
      Multi-sensor medical image fusion using pyramid-based DWT: a multi-resolution approach
      Comparative framework for vision-based gesturing modes and implementation of robust colour-marker detector for practical environments
      Combining multi-wavelet and CNN for palmprint recognition against noise and misalignment
      Fusion of transformed shallow features for facial expression recognition
      Memorability-based image compression
      Multi-Frame motion deblurring of video using the natural oscillatory motion of dexterous legged robots
      SAR image change detection based on deep denoising and CNN
      Deep learning approach for segmentation of plain carbon steel microstructure images
      Content-based retinal image retrieval
      Chaotic image encryption algorithm using frequency-domain DNA encoding
      Classification of textured images based on new information fusion methods
      Deep CNN for removal of salt and pepper noise
      Age-related craniofacial differences based on spatio-temporal face image atlases
      Long-term adaptive tracking via complementary trackers
      Fast algorithm for HEVC intra-coding implemented by preprocessing

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