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Volume 13, Issue 8, 20 June 2019

Volume 13, Issue 8

20 June 2019

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    • Fundus image quality assessment: survey, challenges, and future scope
      Survey on the approaches based geometric information for 3D face landmarks detection
      Review of the application of machine learning to the automatic semantic annotation of images
      Image recovery and recognition: a combining method of matrix norm regularisation
    • Quick response barcode deblurring via L 0 regularisation based sparse optimisation
      Aircraft tracking based on fully conventional network and Kalman filter
      Empirical study of neighbourhood rough sets based band selection techniques for classification of hyperspectral images
      Robust fingerprint classification with Bayesian convolutional networks
      Slope-compensated interferogram filter with ESPRIT for adaptive frequency estimation
      Multi-scale Cross-path Concatenation Residual Network for Poisson denoising
      Computational colour constancy based on convolutional neural networks with a cross-level architecture
      Nighttime image enhancement using a new illumination boost algorithm
      No-reference image quality metric based on multiple deep belief networks
      NIR-red algorithms-based model for chlorophyll-a retrieval in highly turbid Inland Densu River Basin in South-East Ghana, West Africa
      Video retargeting based on SH equalisation and seam carving
      Automated detection of microaneurysms using Stockwell transform and statistical features
      Influence of shape and texture features on facial expression recognition
      Enhanced embedded zerotree wavelet algorithm for lossy image coding
      Characterising and predicting the movement of clouds using fractional-order optical flow
      Improved hierarchical quantisation parameter setting method for screen content coding in high efficiency video coding
      Structured group local sparse tracker

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