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Volume 13, Issue 7, 30 May 2019

Volume 13, Issue 7

30 May 2019

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    • Facial expression recognition techniques: a comprehensive survey
    • New approach to vehicle license plate location based on new model YOLO-L and plate pre-identification
      Automatic geometry calibration for multi-projector display systems with arbitrary continuous curved surfaces
      Robust long-term correlation tracking with multiple models
      Generalising multistain immunohistochemistry tissue segmentation using end-to-end colour deconvolution deep neural networks
      High-quality X-ray computed tomography reconstruction using projected and interpolated images
      Image contrast enhancement using triple clipped dynamic histogram equalisation based on standard deviation
      Modified grey world method to detect and restore colour cast images
      Novel multispectral face descriptor using orthogonal walsh codes
      Graph clustering and variational image segmentation for automated firearm detection in X-ray images
      Non-local weighted fuzzy energy-based active contour model with level set evolution starting with a constant function
      Fast generative adversarial networks model for masked image restoration
      Image colourisation using deep feature-guided image retrieval
      Online burr video denoising by learning sparsifying transform
      Successive minutia-free mosaicking for small-sized fingerprint recognition
      Use of hyperspectral imaging for cake moisture and hardness prediction
      Optimisation of transmission map for improved image defogging
      FQI: feature-based reduced-reference image quality assessment method for screen content images
      Robust and real-time lane detection filter based on adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system
      New strategy for CBIR by combining low-level visual features with a colour descriptor
      Speedy and accurate image super-resolution via deeply recursive CNN with skip connection and network in network

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