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Volume 13, Issue 6, 10 May 2019

Volume 13, Issue 6

10 May 2019

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    • Survey on hardware implementations of visual object trackers
    • Lung tumour detection by fusing extended local binary patterns and weighted orientation of difference from computed tomography
      Accelerated seam carving for image retargeting
      MFO-based thresholded and weighted histogram scheme for brightness preserving image enhancement
      L 2,1-norm-based sparse principle component analysis with trace norm regularised term
      Real-time recovery and recognition of motion blurry QR code image based on fractional order deblurring method
      Morphological PDEs on graphs for saliency detection
      New method for simultaneous moderate bias correction and image segmentation
      Iterative grouping median filter for removal of fixed value impulse noise
      Field programmable gate array implementation of variable-bins high efficiency video coding CABAC decoder with path delay optimisation
      Novel invariant feature descriptor and a pipeline for range image registration in robotic welding applications
      Robust lane-detection algorithm based on improved symmetrical local threshold for feature extraction and inverse perspective mapping
      3D Features for human action recognition with semi-supervised learning
      Mobile terminal gesture recognition based on improved FAST corner detection
      Ultrasound image segmentation with multilevel threshold based on differential search algorithm
      Calibration of a panoramic 3D reconstruction system
      Semantic segmentation of remote sensing ship image via a convolutional neural networks model
      Computer-aided diagnosis system for ulcer detection in wireless capsule endoscopy images

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