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Volume 13, Issue 4, 28 March 2019

Volume 13, Issue 4

28 March 2019

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    • Fast active learning for hyperspectral image classification using extreme learning machine
      Conditional progressive network for clothing parsing
      Reduced quaternion matrix-based sparse representation and its application to colour image processing
      Fast proximal splitting algorithm for constrained TGV-regularised image restoration and reconstruction
      Abnormal region detection in cervical smear images based on fully convolutional network
      Deep residual refining based pseudo-multi-frame network for effective single image super-resolution
      Robust multi-view videos face recognition based on particle filter with immune genetic algorithm
      Rough intuitionistic type-2 fuzzy c-means clustering algorithm for MR image segmentation
      Multimodal framework based on audio-visual features for summarisation of cricket videos
      Multi-label automatic image annotation approach based on multiple improvement strategies
      Geometric positions and optical flow based emotion detection using MLP and reduced dimensions
      Compressive spectral feature sensing
      Shock filter-based morphological scheme for texture enhancement
      Sparse representation based multi-frame image super-resolution reconstruction using adaptive weighted features
      Turning video into traffic data – an application to urban intersection analysis using transfer learning
      Image denoising by low-rank approximation with estimation of noise energy distribution in SVD domain
    • Detection and tracking of bubbles in two-phase air water flow for non-convergent sinusoidal channel
      Study of performance of a ‘second-generation wavelet video encoder with a scalable rate’

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