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Volume 13, Issue 1, 10 January 2019

Volume 13, Issue 1

10 January 2019

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    • Fast and accurate compressed sensing model in magnetic resonance imaging with median filter and split Bregman method
      Dynamic texture classification using Gumbel mixtures in the complex wavelet domain
      Efficient edge-preserved sonar image enhancement method based on CVT for object recognition
      Controversial ‘pixel’ prior rule for JPEG adaptive steganography
      Machine learning-based H.264/AVC to HEVC transcoding via motion information reuse and coding mode similarity analysis
      DCF with high-speed spatial constraint
      Linearly uncorrelated principal component and deep convolutional image deblurring for natural images
      Affine invariant fusion feature extraction based on geometry descriptor and BIT for object recognition
      Computer aided diagnosis of glaucoma using discrete and empirical wavelet transform from fundus images
      CT and MRI image fusion based on multiscale decomposition method and hybrid approach
      Accommodative extractor for QIM-based watermarking schemes
      As-global-as-possible stereo matching with adaptive smoothness prior
      Fractional crow search-based support vector neural network for patient classification and severity analysis of tuberculosis
      Exact Legendre–Fourier moments in improved polar pixels configuration for image analysis
      Novel image encryption algorithm based on improved logistic map
      Mixture separability loss in a deep convolutional network for image classification
      Adaptive appearance separation for interactive image segmentation based on Dense CRF
      Image deformation based on contour using moving integral least squares
      Development of a global batch clustering with gradient descent and initial parameters in colour image classification
      Reliability verification-based convolutional neural networks for object tracking
      Image segmentation framework based on optimal multi-method fusion
      Semantic convex matrix factorisation for cross-media retrieval
      Despeckling of ultrasound images using directionally decimated wavelet packets with adaptive clustering
      Detail-enhanced target segmentation method for thermal video sequences based on spatiotemporal parameter update technique
      Structural pattern-based approach for Betacam dropout detection in degraded archived media

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