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Volume 13, Issue 14, 12 December 2019

Volume 13, Issue 14

12 December 2019

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    • Survey on GAN-based face hallucination with its model development
      Image super-resolution using conditional generative adversarial network
      Learning one-to-many stylised Chinese character transformation and generation by generative adversarial networks
      ACFT: adversarial correlation filter for robust tracking
      ASiam: adaptive Siamese regression tracking with adversarial template generation and motion-based failure recovery
      ApprGAN: appearance-based GAN for facial expression synthesis
      Adversarial image generation by combining content and style
      High confidence detection for moving target in aerial video
      Combination of modified U-Net and domain adaptation for road detection
      PixTextGAN: structure aware text image synthesis for license plate recognition
      Progressive graph-based subspace transductive learning for semi-supervised classification
      Two-order graph convolutional networks for semi-supervised classification
      Adversarial auto-encoder for unsupervised deep domain adaptation
      SDCA: a novel stack deep convolutional autoencoder – an application on retinal image denoising
      Modified tropical algebra based median filter for removing salt and pepper noise in digital image
      Dense small face detection based on regional cascade multi-scale method
      Fusing texture, edge and line features for smoke recognition
      Capturing the spatio-temporal continuity for video semantic segmentation
      Aesthetic assessment of paintings based on visual balance
      Homography-based traffic sign localisation and pose estimation from image sequence
      Single sample description based on Gabor fusion
      Blind text images deblurring based on a generative adversarial network
      Salient object detection with adversarial training
    • Supervised fusion approach of local features extracted from SAR images for detecting deforestation changes
      Statistical multidirectional line dark channel for single-image dehazing
      New over-relaxed monotone fast iterative shrinkage-thresholding algorithm for linear inverse problems
      HPILN: a feature learning framework for cross-modality person re-identification
      Image encryption algorithm based on image hashing, improved chaotic mapping and DNA coding
      Defect inspection research on fabric based on template correction and primitive decomposition
      Learning mean progressive scattering using binomial truncated loss for image dehazing

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