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Volume 13, Issue 13, 14 November 2019

Volume 13, Issue 13

14 November 2019

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    • State-of-art analysis of image denoising methods using convolutional neural networks
      Advances in human action recognition: an updated survey
    • Fuzzy farthest point first method for MRI brain image clustering
      Automated glaucoma detection using quasi-bivariate variational mode decomposition from fundus images
      Fast and robust ellipse detector based on edge following method
      Authentication of medical images using passive approach
      Objective estimation of subjective image quality assessment using multi-parameter prediction
      Visual saliency object detection using sparse learning
      Low light image enhancement based on non-uniform illumination prior model
      Trilateral convolutional neural network for 3D shape reconstruction of objects from a single depth view
      Enhancing scene perception using a multispectral fusion of visible–near-infrared image pair
      Multi-mother wavelet neural network-based on genetic algorithm and multiresolution analysis for fast 3D mesh deformation
      Determination of tool deflection in drilling by image processing
      Discarding jagged artefacts in image upscaling with total variation regularisation
      Multi-scale microstructure binary pattern extraction and learning for image representation
      Incorporating iris, fingerprint and face biometric for fraud prevention in e-passports using fuzzy vault
      STCMH with minimal semantic loss
      Retinal vessel segmentation approach based on corrected morphological transformation and fractal dimension
      Automated acute lymphoblastic leukaemia detection system using microscopic images
      Multi-exposure image fusion technique using multi-resolution blending
      Enhancement of variably illuminated document images through noise-induced stochastic resonance
      Human activity recognition using 2D skeleton data and supervised machine learning
      Applying maximally stable extremal regions and local binary patterns for guide-wire detecting in percutaneous coronary intervention
      Area-efficient parallel adder with faithful approximation for image and signal processing applications
      Improved image segmentation algorithms for detecting types of acute lymphatic leukaemia
      Denoising convolutional neural network with mask for salt and pepper noise
      Pansharpening with transform-based gradient transferring model
      SUGAMAN: describing floor plans for visually impaired by annotation learning and proximity-based grammar
      Image denoising using patch ordering and 3D transformation of patches
      Welding defect detection based on local image enhancement

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