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Volume 13, Issue 12, 17 October 2019

Volume 13, Issue 12

17 October 2019

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    • Hybrid CBIR method using statistical, DWT-Entropy and POPMV-based feature sets
    • Global median filtering forensic method based on Pearson parameter statistics
      Image resizing using fuzzy inferences
      OrthoMaps: an efficient convolutional neural network with orthogonal feature maps for tiny image classification
      Sparsity measure based library aided unmixing of hyperspectral image
      Image encryption based on Fisher-Yates shuffling and three dimensional chaotic economic map
      Interest point detection method based on multi-scale Gabor filters
      Visual tracking with tree-structured appearance model for online learning
      Robust watermarking scheme for tamper detection and authentication exploiting CA
      Diagnosis of melanoma from dermoscopic images using a deep depthwise separable residual convolutional network
      Deep supervised hashing network with integrated regularisation
      Enhanced pooling method for convolutional neural networks based on optimal search theory
      Appearance model update based on online learning and soft-biometrics traits for people re-identification in multi-camera environments
      Improved neural network classification of hyperspectral imagery using weighted genetic algorithm and hierarchical segmentation
      DDLA: dual deep learning architecture for classification of plant species
      Directional tensor product complex tight framelets for compressed sensing MRI reconstruction
      Non-linear unmixing of hyperspectral images using multiple-kernel self-organising maps
      RHEVC intra-prediction mode
      Supervised image segmentation based on superpixel and improved normalised cuts
      Glaucoma screening pipeline based on clinical measurements and hidden features
      SVD-based image compression, encryption, and identity authentication algorithm on cloud
      Multi-scale analysis of ulcer disease detection from WCE images
      Efficient and robust segmentation and correction model for medical images
      Change detection in SAR images using deep belief network: a new training approach based on morphological images
      Tongue colour and coating prediction in traditional Chinese medicine based on visible hyperspectral imaging
      Fusion of multi-modal lumbar spine images using Kekre's hybrid wavelet transform
      Face recognition algorithm based on feature descriptor and weighted linear sparse representation
      View's dependency and low-rank background-guided compressed sensing for multi-view image joint reconstruction
      Bio-inspired contour detection model based on multi-bandwidth fusion and logarithmic texture inhibition
      LSTM-based dynamic probability continuous hand gesture trajectory recognition
      New image-guided method for localisation of an active capsule endoscope in the stomach
      Unified multi-scale method for fast leaf classification and retrieval using geometric information
      Locating multiple license plates using scale, rotation, and colour-independent clustering and filtering techniques
      Fractional-integral-operator-based improved SVM for filtering salt-and-pepper noise
    • Detection of power line insulators on digital images with the use of laser spots

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