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Volume 13, Issue 11, 19 September 2019

Volume 13, Issue 11

19 September 2019

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    • Bibliography of digital image anti-forensics and anti-anti-forensics techniques
    • Automated retinal layer segmentation in OCT images of age-related macular degeneration
      Directional relative total variation for structure–texture decomposition
      Single-image super-resolution using online kernel adaptive filters
      Two-dimensional shape-adaptive windowing functions for image analysis
      Video retargeting through spatio-temporal seam carving using Kalman filter
      Orthogonal sparse fractal coding algorithm based on image texture feature
      Robust face anti-spoofing using CNN with LBP and WLD
      Multi-perspective gait recognition based on classifier fusion
      Multi-objective genetic algorithm on hexagonal search for fast motion estimation
      Through-the-wall radar imaging algorithm for moving target under wall parameter uncertainties
      Data embedding in high efficiency video coding (HEVC) videos by modifying the partitioning of coding units
      Mobile terminal trajectory recognition based on improved LSTM model
      Spatial non-local attention for thoracic disease diagnosis and visualisation in weakly supervised learning
      Realtime dehazing using colour uniformity principle
      Fleckmentation: rapid segmentation using repeated 2-means
      TDCC: top-down semantic aggregation for colour constancy
      Alpha cut for interactive image segmentation of thin and elongated objects
      Image compression system with an optimisation of compression ratio
      Chest X-ray image denoising method based on deep convolution neural network
      Feature fusion method using BoVW framework for enhancing image retrieval
      Reversible data hiding using B-tree triangular decomposition based prediction
      Texture spectral similarity criteria
      Compressive domain spatial–temporal difference saliency-based realtime adaptive measurement method for video recovery
      Automatic classification of skin burn colour images using texture-based feature extraction

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