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Volume 12, Issue 8, August 2018

Volume 12, Issue 8

August 2018

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    • Extended scale invariant local binary pattern for background subtraction
      Localisation and segmentation of optic disc with the fractional-order Darwinian particle swarm optimisation algorithm
      Minimum elastic bounding box algorithm for dimension detection of 3D objects: a case of airline baggage measurement
      Brain MRI segmentation by combining different MRI modalities using Dempster–Shafer theory
      Image region annotation based on segmentation and semantic correlation analysis
      Modified spatial neutrosophic clustering technique for boundary extraction of tumours in B-mode BUS images
      Sparse patch-based representation with combined information of atlas for multi-atlas label fusion
      Efficient bivariate image denoising technique using new orthogonal CWT filter design
      Image seamless stitching and straightening based on the image block
      Calculation of phase fraction in steel microstructure images using random forest classifier
      Fast adaptive and selective mean filter for the removal of high-density salt and pepper noise
      Some variants of spiral LBP in texture recognition
      Edge-preserving image denoising
      Adaptive decomposition method for multi-modal medical image fusion
      Level set evolution with sparsity constraint for object extraction
      Correlation filter-based visual tracking via adaptive weighted CNN features fusion
      Convolutional neural network for smooth filtering detection
      Illumination-based texture descriptor and fruitfly support vector neural network for image forgery detection in face images
      Improved multi-scale line detection method for retinal blood vessel segmentation
      Thorough approach toward cylindrical MMW image reconstruction using sparse antenna array
      Ensemble classifier-based off-line handwritten word recognition system in holistic approach
      Fractal triangular search: a metaheuristic for image content search
      Lossless and reversible colour space transformation for Bayer colour filter array images
      Multifeature-based medical image segmentation
      Composite filtering strategy for improving distortion invariance in object recognition

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