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Volume 12, Issue 7, July 2018

Volume 12, Issue 7

July 2018

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    • Generalised non-locally centralised image de-noising using sparse dictionary
      Image segmentation fusion using weakly supervised trace-norm multi-task learning method
      Image filtering method using trimmed statistics and edge preserving
      Fuzzy multiclass active learning for hyperspectral image classification
      Effect of fusing features from multiple DCNN architectures in image classification
      Multi-directional colour edge detector using LQS convolution
      Adaptive active contours based on variable kernel with constant initialisation
      SAR image segmentation algorithm based on Contourlet domain AFMRF model
      Automatic object extraction from images using deep neural networks and the level-set method
      Saliency enabled compression in JPEG framework
      Automated spectral domain approach of quasi-periodic denoising in natural images using notch filtration with exact noise profile
      Image completion using multispectral imaging
      Multiple hypothesis tracking algorithm for multi-target multi-camera tracking with disjoint views
      Factoring two-dimensional two-channel non-separable stripe filter banks into lifting steps
      Two reversible data hiding schemes for VQ-compressed images based on index coding
      K-unknown models detection through clustering in blind source camera identification
      Visual tracking via ensemble autoencoder
      Neighbourhood decision based impulse noise filter
      Rules of photography for image memorability analysis
      Visibility distance estimation in foggy situations and single image dehazing based on transmission computation model
      JPEG image width estimation for file carving
      Automatic benign and malignant classification of pulmonary nodules in thoracic computed tomography based on RF algorithm
      Investigating local orientation methods to segment microstructure with 3D solid texture
      Colour image encryption technique using differential evolution in non-subsampled contourlet transform domain
      Hot spot method for pedestrian detection using saliency maps, discrete Chebyshev moments and support vector machine

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