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Volume 12, Issue 6, June 2018

Volume 12, Issue 6

June 2018

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    • Point-based spatial colour sampling in Milano-Retinex: a survey
    • BCH–LSH: a new scheme of locality-sensitive hashing
      Automatic centroid extraction method for noisy star image
      Adaptive probability filter for removing salt and pepper noises
      Improved SSIM IQA of contrast distortion based on the contrast sensitivity characteristics of HVS
      Criteria to evaluate the fidelity of image enhancement by MSRCR
      Correction of micro-CT image geometric artefacts based on marker
      Action recognition using fast HOG3D of integral videos and Smith–Waterman partial matching
      Curvelet-based multiscale denoising using non-local means & guided image filter
      Automated method for the detection and segmentation of drusen in colour fundus image for the diagnosis of age-related macular degeneration
      Multiframe super-resolution based on a high-order spatially weighted regularisation
      Hyperspectral image classification based on adaptive-weighted LLE and clustering-based FSVMs
      Spatially adaptive total variation deblurring with split Bregman technique
      Matrix completion via capped nuclear norm
      Proposed adaptive joint error-resilience concealment algorithms for efficient colour-plus-depth 3D video transmission
      Hierarchical palmprint feature extraction and recognition based on multi-wavelets and complex network
      Contour detection model using linear and non-linear modulation based on non-CRF suppression
      Emotion recognition from facial expressions using hybrid feature descriptors
      Pansharpening scheme using filtering in two-dimensional discrete fractional Fourier transform
      Efficient design of BinDCT in quantum-dot cellular automata (QCA) technology
      Biomedical compound figure detection using deep learning and fusion techniques
      Semi-automatic leaf disease detection and classification system for soybean culture
      Saliency-based dark channel prior model for single image haze removal
      Locality sensitive hashing based space partitioning approach for indexing multidimensional feature vectors of fingerprint image data
      Efficient image steganography using graph signal processing

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