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Volume 12, Issue 5, May 2018

Volume 12, Issue 5

May 2018

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    • Image colourisation by non-local total variation method in the CB and YIQ colour spaces
      Edge preserving suppression for depth estimation via comparative variation
      Single image dehazing using local linear fusion
      Fast mode decision method based on edge feature for HEVC inter-prediction
      Robust fuzzy c-means clustering algorithm using non-parametric Bayesian estimation in wavelet transform domain for noisy MR brain image segmentation
      Local similarity refinement of shape-preserved warping for parallax-tolerant image stitching
      Retinal vessel segmentation using neural network
      Normal curvature-induced variational model for image restoration
      New colour morphological operators on hypergraph
      CT and MR image information fusion scheme using a cascaded framework in ripplet and NSST domain
      CT image denoising using NLM and correlation-based wavelet packet thresholding
      Hybrid model of diffusion based on the Jeffreys-type equation for noise reduction on images
      Region growing for image segmentation using an extended PCNN model
      Fast intra bit rate transcoding for HEVC screen content coding
      Curvelet analysis of breast masses on dynamic magnetic resonance mammography
      Transform-based watermarking algorithm maintaining perceptual transparency
      Revealing the traces of histogram equalisation in digital images
      Adaptive image interpolation technique based on cubic trigonometric B-spline representation
      Hybrid image denoising method based on non-subsampled contourlet transform and bandelet transform
      Adaptive image segmentation method based on the fuzzy c-means with spatial information
      Wire segmentation for printed circuit board using deep convolutional neural network and graph cut model
      Hyperspectral anomaly detection using differential image
      Perceptual stereoscopic image quality assessment method with tensor decomposition and manifold learning
      Patch strategy for deep face recognition
      Sparse representation-based face recognition against expression and illumination

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