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Volume 12, Issue 1, January 2018

Volume 12, Issue 1

January 2018

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    • Comprehensive survey of 3D image steganography techniques
    • Crowd counting considering network flow constraints in videos
      Restoring highly corrupted images by impulse noise using radial basis functions interpolation
      Numerical accuracy of integral images computation algorithms
      Secure chaotic dual encryption scheme for H.264/AVC video conferencing protection
      Automatic choroid layer segmentation using normalized graph cut
      Innovative CFAR detector with effective parameter estimation method for generalised gamma distribution and iterative sliding window strategy
      Small target detection based on reweighted infrared patch-image model
      Recognition of complex static hand gestures by using the wristband-based contour features
      Haze removal for unmanned aerial vehicle aerial video based on spatial-temporal coherence optimisation
      Improving the robustness of motion vector temporal descriptor
      Multiscale adaptive regularisation Savitzky–Golay method for speckle noise reduction in ultrasound images
      Statistical search range adaptation solution for effective frame rate up-conversion
      Natural image illuminant estimation via deep non-negative matrix factorisation
      FBSLS model for image segmentation
      Anomaly detection and localisation in the crowd scenes using a block-based social force model
      Guided filter-based images fusion algorithm for CT and MRI medical images
      Collaborative filtering model for enhancing fingerprint image
      Cryptographic algorithm based on pixel shuffling and dynamical chaotic economic map

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