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Volume 12, Issue 12, December 2018

Volume 12, Issue 12

December 2018

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    • Local multiscale blur estimation based on toggle mapping for sharp region extraction
      Dynamical stochastic resonance for non-uniform illumination image enhancement
      Classification of EEG signals for detection of epileptic seizure activities based on feature extraction from brain maps using image processing algorithms
      Retinal blood vessel segmentation using the elite-guided multi-objective artificial bee colony algorithm
      Modified mean shift algorithm
      Robust image hashing using exact Gaussian–Hermite moments
      Multilevel magnetic resonance imaging compression using compressive sensing
      Tool for automatic tuning of binarisation techniques
      Improvement of global motion estimation in two-dimensional digital video stabilisation methods
      Comparison of level set models in image segmentation
      Detection of vehicle wheels from images using a pseudo-wavelet filter for analysis of congested traffic
      Efficient coarser-to-fine holistic traffic sign detection for occlusion handling
      Multiple-parameter fractional quaternion Fourier transform and its application in colour image encryption
      Video denoising algorithm based on improved dual-domain filtering and 3D block matching
      Scene invariant crowd counting using multi-scales head detection in video surveillance
      Poisson image denoising by piecewise principal component analysis and its application in single-particle X-ray diffraction imaging
      Salient region detection using feature extraction in the non-subsampled contourlet domain
      Single-pixel compressive imaging based on motion compensation
      Multi-frame super-resolution algorithm using common vector approach
      Method based on bitonic filtering decomposition and sparse representation for fusion of infrared and visible images
      Fast codebook design method for image vector quantisation
      Hierarchical CNN-based real-time fatigue detection system by visual-based technologies using MSP model
      GrabCut algorithm for dental X-ray images based on full threshold segmentation
    • Deep learning features for robust facial kinship verification
      Denoising of ultrasound images affected by combined speckle and Gaussian noise

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