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Volume 11, Issue 9, September 2017

Volume 11, Issue 9

September 2017

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    • Modified ultrasound despeckling assessment index for the Field II simulated cyst image
      No-reference quality measure in brain MRI images using binary operations, texture and set analysis
      Implementation of in-loop filter for HEVC decoder on reconfigurable processor
      Improved automated detection of glaucoma from fundus image using hybrid structural and textural features
      Modified simultaneous iterative reconstruction technique for fast, high-quality CT reconstruction
      Effective and adaptive algorithm for pepper-and-salt noise removal
      Fast CU partition strategy for HEVC based on Haar wavelet
      New non-negative sparse feature learning approach for content-based image retrieval
      Fractional-order tensor regularisation for image inpainting
      Review, analysis and parameterisation of techniques for copy–move forgery detection in digital images
      Histogram of Radon transform and texton matrix for texture analysis and classification
      Image denoising using generalised Cauchy filter
      Generalised rough intuitionistic fuzzy c-means for magnetic resonance brain image segmentation
      Image enhancement for outdoor long-range surveillance using IQ-learning multiscale Retinex
      Fine feature sensitive marching squares

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