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Volume 11, Issue 8, August 2017

Volume 11, Issue 8

August 2017

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    • Estimating just-noticeable distortion for images/videos in pixel domain
      Estimation of edge displacement against brightness and camera-to-object distance
      Localisation of topological features using 3D object representations
      Colour image dehazing using near-infrared fusion
      Mathematical analysis for CSI scheme with the interpolation kernel size increased
      Convergent heterogeneous particle swarm optimisation algorithm for multilevel image thresholding segmentation
      Quantitative metric for MR brain tumour grade classification using sample space density measure of analytic intrinsic mode function representation
      Comprehensive analysis and evaluation to unsupervised binary hashing method in image similarity measurement
      Texture-based image segmentation using neutrosophic clustering
      Design of hardware RGB to HMMD converter based on reversible logic
      Maximum a posteriori-based texture estimation by despeckling of SAR clutter amplitude data

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